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Relive the Revolution!

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The girl next door overcomes nearly  insurmountable odds to save her country.

Exciting and gripping with its message of patriotism, youthful responsibility, and respect, Ludington’s Ride is based on a true story.

About the Novel

     Sybil Ludington is the spirited 16-year-old daughter of Lt. Colonel Henry Ludington, a former aide-de-camp to General Washington and now commander of the Seventh Regiment of Militia for Dutchess County, New York. The British, under the command of General William Tryon, burn Danbury and there is no one to muster the over 400 troops under Col. Ludington's command.

    Alone and riding on her trusty steed Star, Sybil braves 40 miles of treacherous lonely backwoods roads on a dark rainy night to muster the troops so they can meet at her father's home by dawn. Along the way, although Sybil is helped by her friend David Nimham, a Nochpeem Indian warrior, she is hindered in her ride by Ichabod Prosser, a rogue outlaw who intends to seek revenge against her father by stopping her from finishing her legendary ride.


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