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MP3 support required.Ludington's Ride

Click on a link above to download a PDF file of the script. All script files are protected by a password. Request a password by clicking here.Story in One Sentence:

Ludington's Ride A young country. A young hero.

Ludington's Ride 2, Ludington's Ride 3 and Ludington's Ride 4 Nancy Drew meets Wild, Wild West.

Ludington's Ride is the first of a three-part motion picture franchise (with a fourth film as a fourth theatrical release or possibly as a pilot for a television series). The Ludington's Ride franchise is an action-adventure series of films set during the time of the American Revolution.

Story Synopsis for Ludington's Ride


ybil Ludington is the spirited 16-year-old daugh­ter of Colonel Henry Luding­ton, the commander of the Seventh Regiment of Militia for Dutchess County, New York. Caught up in the turmoil of the American Revo­lution, Sybil’s actions and choices are shaped by historic events outside her control.

British General William Tryon orders the burning of Danbury and there is no one to muster the 400 troops under Col. Ludington’s command. Alone at night in a driving rain storm and riding her trusty steed Star, Sybil braves 40 miles of treacherous lonely backwoods roads, pursued by a half dozen marauders out to stop her at any cost.

All of this takes place against the backdrop of a girl maturing into young womanhood. Sybil is drawn by the magnetism of two young men. One represents for­bid­den fruit, for he is the son of the great Chief Nimham, head of the Nochpeem Nation and ally to General Washington. The other is her heroic rescuer, Edmond Ogden. 

Sybil is trained to defend herself by the dashing David Nimham. And she learns to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, deceiving the British with a series of signals designed to alert Enoch Crosby, a spy working for Col. Ludington and General Washington.

For her 16th birthday, Sybil is given a remarkable birthday present: Star, the horse that she will need when circumstances require her to ride through the backwoods of New York to summon her father’s troops to battle.

Pursued during her ride by six very menacing bad guys out to stop her at any cost, she must elude her pursuers and complete her task before dawn. Her route takes her through a local grave yard and other unpleasant places. And just when her task seems complete, she must confront the leader of her pursuers in an exciting confrontation at her father’s mill at the end of her ride.

Exciting, gripping, and very politically incorrect with its message of patriotism, youthful responsibility and respect, Ludington’s Ride is based on a true story. Ludington’s Ride is a historical film for today’s audience with action, adventure, romance and danger mixed with commitment and loyalty to family and country.

Click on a link above to download a PDF file of the script. All script files are protected by a password. Request a password by clicking here.Story Synopsis for Ludington's Ride 2: The Adventure of the Tory Gold


he second film in our franchise departs from the historical adventure of Ludington’s Ride and becomes an action adventure where Nancy Drew meets Wild, Wild West.

Sybil and Enoch, with the help of their new friend Morton Quincy Franklin, a nerdy inventor who lives in an amazing tree house, work with David to discover the whereabouts of a shipment of Tory gold.

Enoch discovers that a British captain, about to switch sides, has smuggled a cryptic message that describes the hiding place of a cache of Tory gold.

While Prosser and his gang of Skinner arrange the transportation of the hidden gold, Sybil works to decode the message.

Using some feminine logic that goes way over the heads of her male companions, Sybil solves the mystery of the cipher. But it’s not good news: the gold has been concealed in a gravesite at the local cemetery.

David, Enoch, Quincy and Sybil decide to create a diversionary tactic, with Sybil taking another daring ride as she leads the British troops under the command of Major Winslow into a trap to be sprung by Chief Nimham’s warriors. During the skirmish, Quincy demonstrates the viability of his inventions, including camouflage and hand grenades.

Later, in a reprise visit to the Hill Cemetery, Sybil literally stumbles across the location of the Tory gold. Or has she?

The second film in our Ludington’s Ride franchise ends in a spectacular cliff-hanger, with Sybil tied to a log in her father’s sawmill by Ichabod Prosser and Vixen, a new female villain, who is Prosser’s sister.

Will Sybil escape from certain death at the hands of Prosser and Vixen? Our audience will have to wait to find out, because Ludington’s Ride 3: Vixen’s Revenge has the answer.

Click on a link above to download a PDF file of the script. All script files are protected by a password. Request a password by clicking here.Story Synopsis for Ludington's Ride 3: Vixen's Revenge


n the third film in our Ludington’s Ride franchise, Sybil escapes from the sawmill and is subsequently inducted into the Nochpeem tribe as an honorary warrior.

Afterwards, Enoch, Sybil, Edmond, and David learn that the Tory gold is fake and that Major Winslow is behind a plot to destroy the fledgling American economy with counterfeit currency. We find that the counterfeits are being printed by Prosser and Vixen.

We are introduced to some new spy toys invented by Quincy, including a glow-in-the-dark compass and an amusing but deadly horse-drawn carriage with a few tricks hidden inside.

Enoch presents Col. Ludington with a plan to infiltrate a card game at a public inn frequented by Major Winslow. Colonel Ludington reluctantly agrees to the plan. He invites Enoch to visit Mordecai, an amusing Jewish apothecary who is on the side of the Colonials. Mordecai provides Enoch with some sleeping potion that they can use on some unsuspecting Tory guards.

Meanwhile, Edmond and David discover the hidden meeting place of Prosser and his gang of cutthroats. They are captured and trussed up together in a desolate cabin, facing certain death. An amusing dialog between Edmond and David concerning Edmond’s love for Sybil ensues, and the two rivals find that they must work together to escape so they can disclose the whereabouts of the real Tory gold.

After Enoch and David escape to warn the Colonials of Winslow’s plan to move the real gold, Enoch orders Sybil to take the carriage back home. Disappointed, she reluctantly but loyally follows her orders, just like one of her father’s soldiers.

On her way home, she crosses paths with a hearse filled with the real Tory gold. A wild chase ensues, and Sybil uses all the deadly weapons hidden inside the spy carriage.

Finally, Sybil defeats Vixen in a spectacular girl fight at the end of our third film in the franchise.

Click on a link above to download a PDF file of the script. All script files are protected by a password. Request a password by clicking here.Story Synopsis for Ludington's Ride 4: The Adventure of the Ghost Riders


n our fourth film, Sybil confronts the deadly mystery of the Tory Ghost Riders, a ghastly gang of other-worldly figures that come out during the full moon to bring terror to people in the countryside. Is the Devil's work to blame, or is it just part of Prosser's plan to exact some deadly, but profitable revenge?

Note: all scripts require a password to open them.
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