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Story in One Sentence

The girl next door overcomes nearly insurmountable odds to save her country. Click here to order the novel and/or the board game.

About the Novel

Ludington's Ride is an historical novel based on the first script of a three-part theatrical motion picture franchise. Click on the image above to order the novel at a special pre-publication price. Ludington's Ride will make its debut in bookstores on July 15, 2004. Look for it!

Story Synopsis for Ludington's Ride


ybil Ludington is the spirited 16-year-old daughter of Colonel Henry Ludington, the commander of the Seventh Regiment of Militia for Dutchess County, New York. Caught up in the turmoil of the American Revolution, Sybil’s actions and choices are shaped by historic events outside her control.

British General William Tryon orders the burning of Danbury and there is no one to muster the 400 troops under Col. Ludington's command. Alone on her trusty steed Star, Sybil braves 40 miles of treacherous lonely backwoods roads, pursued by a half dozen marauders out to stop her at any cost.

All of this takes place against the backdrop of a girl maturing into young womanhood. Sybil is drawn by the magnetism of two young men. One represents forbidden fruit, for he is the son of the great Chief Nimham, head of the Nochpeem Nation and ally to General Washington. The other is her heroic rescuer, Edmond Ogden.

Exciting, gripping, and very politically incorrect with its message of patriotism, youthful responsibility and respect, Ludington’s Ride is based on a true story. It is a historical novel for today’s young readers with action, adventure, romance and danger mixed into a recipe of commitment and loyalty to family and country.

Other Novels in the Series

Other novels are planned in the Ludington's Ride series. Ludington's Ride 2: The Adventure of the Tory Gold is planned for a mid to late 2005 release. This novel includes the story elements of Ludington's Ride 2 and Ludington's Ride 3 in one novel.

About the Film Series

Ludington's Ride is an historical novel based on the first script of a three-part theatrical motion picture franchise. The Ludington's Ride franchise is an action-adventure series of films set during the time of the American Revolution. The film series is in development. No production or release date has been set as of the date of this posting.

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