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Storyboards demonstrate the look of the movie before it's made. They depict each shot in order from the beginning of the film to the end. They are used to help keep the shooting costs down by planning every shot in advance. These sequences demonstrate Scene 4, pages 7-8 of the first script in the Ludington's Ride franchise, where we meet Sybil for the first time. She is in what appears to be a knife fight for her life, battling against a mean-looking Nochpeem warrior. (To rapidly establish our lead character, the knife fight demonstrates her strength, resilience, and quick thinking and helps focus the audience's emotions so that the audience comes to care for what happens to her.) The storyboard artist is Ryon Peck.


Shot 004-001

A large KNIFE slams into the dirt…


Shot 004-002

…and 16-year-old SYBIL LUDINGTON, slender with long blond hair knotted in a tight braid down her back,…


Shot 004-003

…dives INTO THE SHOT, grasping desperately for the knife. She wears an outfit made out of buckskin.


Shot 004-004

…grasping desperately for the knife. She wears an outfit made out of buckskin.


Shot 004-005

SUPER TEXT: TWO YEARS LATER. As she reaches for the knife, a YOUNG INDIAN BRAVE jumps on top of her. This is DAVID NIMHAM, 19 years old, slender, sinewy.


Shot 004-006

He wears buckskins and a TOMAHAWK at his belt. A peculiar BLUE TATTOO runs down his neck behind his left ear, the mark of a Nochpeem warrior.


Shot 004-007

It's all sweat and grunts as a carefully choreographed fight for the knife ensues.


Shot 004-008

Entwined on the ground in their fight, Sybil and David might as well be making love, but they aren't.


Shot 004-009

David grabs the knife at last.


Shot 004-010

He smiles a wicked grin.


Shot 004-011

Sybil elbows his arm aside, pushes him away with her feet, then flips herself up.


Shot 004-012

[a] Three other NOCHPEEM WARRIORS step in, surrounding her.


Shot 004-013

[b] Three other NOCHPEEM WARRIORS step in, surrounding her.


Shot 004-014

[c] Three other NOCHPEEM WARRIORS step in, surrounding her. JOHN, another Nochpeem warrior,…


Shot 004-015

…moves in behind her. Sybil sees him from the corner of her eye.


Shot 004-016

Before he can step in to grab her, Sybil spins around and delivers a sharp smack to his head with her foot. John goes sprawling.


Shot 004-017

ANOTHER WARRIOR steps in, grabs her from behind, and holds her head in an arm lock. She is immobilized for a moment.


Shot 004-018

David, still sprawled on the ground, orders them away, speaking in the Nochpeem tongue.

DAVID: Bihiya nachool! (then in English with a wicked grin) This one's mine!,


Shot 004-019

Taking advantage of the break, Sybil elbows her assailant in the throat,…


Shot 004-020

then flips him over her back. The other warriors relent as…


Shot 004-021

David rolls aside and springs to his feet, brandishing his knife.


Shot 004-022

Sybil lashes out with her foot again.


Shot 004-023


DAVID: You ready to die, white girl?


Shot 004-024



Shot 004-025

David runs toward Sybil, brandishing the knife.


Shot 004-026

[INSERT DETAIL SHOT.] Sybil hikes up her boots.


Shot 004-027




[INSERT DETAIL SHOT.] They run toward each other like powerful locomotives.


Shot 004-029

Sybil lashes out with her foot again.


Shot 004-030 - 004-031

The knife goes flying… up, up, up...



Shot 004-032

[INSERT CLOSE SHOT of knife]… up, up, up...


Shot 004-033

GLINTING in the morning sun,…


Shot 004-034

and lands…


Shot 004-035

…right into Sybil's outstretched hand. She catches the knife deftly.


Shot 004-036

She catches the knife deftly.


Shot 004-037



Shot 004-038

The other Nochpeem warriors are impressed.


Shot 004-039

They look over at David,…


Shot 004-040

who reacts: an eyebrow raises.


Shot 004-041

Sybil turns…


Shot 004-042

…and throws her knife forcefully.


Shot 004-043



Shot 004-044



Shot 004-045

Sybil turns and throws her knife forcefully…


Shot 004-046



Shot 004-047



Shot 004-048

[BACK TO 24 FPS] The knife buries itself in... A BARREL that sits upright next to a Nochpeem LONG HOUSE. The knife bites into the barrel,…


Shot 004-049

…landing right between the legs of an OLD MAN who sits on the barrel, smoking a CORN COB PIPE. He looks up, startled at the intrusion into his thoughts.


Shot 004-050a

Sybil pants from the exertion.

SYBIL: Not today, David.

She wipes the sweat from her brow.


Shot 004-050b

He looks over at the barrel. The old man, sitting on the barrel, stares down at the knife.


Shot 004-051

Not to be outdone, David pulls his TOMAHAWK from his belt and heaves it toward the barrel. We HEAR a TWIRLING WHOOSH as the tomahawk spins toward the barrel.


Shot 004-052

The tomahawk embeds itself in the barrel, right next to the knife. The old man decides it's too much for him.


Shot 004-053

He taps the tobacco out of his pipe, gets up and walks away… as John and the other Nochpeem warriors follow him. The training session is over.


Shot 004-054

…as John and the other Nochpeem warriors follow him. The training session is over.


Shot 004-055

We SEE that we are in the NOCHPEEM TRIBAL SETTLEMENT of the Wappinger Indian Confederacy: two dozen WIGWAMS, a half-dozen LONG HOUSES…


Shot 004-056

a half dozen CAMPFIRES BLAZING, and about 100 Nochpeem Indian women, children, and a few braves.


Shot 004-057

These are "Christianized" Indians, and they speak, read and write the King's English.


Shot 004-058

David and Sybil step over to a LOG, beside which lay his bow and a quiver of arrows.


Shot 004-059

SYBIL: 'Cuz our fathers serve under General Washington? And they make you?

He slings the quiver across his back and picks up his bow.


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