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Ride with Sybil Ludington

While location scouting with Chicago producer David Masak and his associate Geano, the crew video taped some of the highlights that you would see if you had accompanied them as they visited the foundation stones of what is left of Ludington's Mill, as well as other interesting sites along the way.

The tour lasted four hours. You can review it in five minutes. So take a virtual tour along Sybil's route with Ludington's Ride screenwriter and producer Charles Welty. Joining him is Richard Othmer of the Kent Historical Society, and Bil Tulipane, a local historian. You'll also meet the other members of the Kent Historical Society who are helping to re-build the Ludington Mill (it burned down in 1972) and are working to establish a museum on the land that lies just east of the foundation stones to what will be the restored Ludington Mill.

In the window above is your virtual tour. To stop it, click the "Stop" button or click the picture and select "Stop" from the drop down list. (The "stop" function might not work in a Firefox browser.)

Right click here to download the tour in Quick Time (.MOV) Format.

Visit our producer's website.

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